Day 2 -Ballina to Kempsey

I started my morning exploring part of Ballina, Shelly Beach, the Big Prawn, the artwork, and the waterways. Enjoying a stroll along the beach and around West Ballina where I found a little cafe hidden away; they made the best chai latte that I have tasted in awhile.

Before leaving Ballina I had the chance to catch up with a very old friend and his wife. We were 11 the last time we saw each other, that’s 36years ago – feeling old or what? I was nervous, and talking too much about not much of anything… rumbling on as one does. It was great seeing him, he is still that gentle soul from primary school.

Next stop – Grafton: a beautiful historical town, I love the old buildings and churches, enjoyed a relaxing moment at one of the parks, very tranquil.

As I continue on my journey.. I do a little reflecting… someone told me before I left, to take a box of tissues, as there would be tears. Only there are none….. I’m not running from anything, I’m not leaving anyone behind, I don’t regret my decision or have any doubts as to what I’m doing. This move feels right for me…. so why would there be tears?

Anyway.. I’m enjoying the journey and exploring everything along the way. Sealy Lookout – spectacular views, a short bush-walk and its where you’ll find the Tree Tops walk and its where my shoe broke. Another pair of shoes to say goodbye too.

Coff’s Harbor – The Big Banana Fun Park, how that has changed – I watched the Candy Maker making some candy, Checked out the large snake on the roof of Reptile World, and of course a photo of the Big Banana itself, enjoyed a ice cream and met Max.

Nambucca Heads – a quick stop to enjoy the magnificent views from the lookout before heading to Kempsey for the night. I enjoyed a wonderful meal at the local Indian Restaurant before heading back to the Motel.

The Journey Begins

Wow… I’m finally here, and ….I’m ready to start my Blog.

My blog will be about my journey in this life, the challenges, the laughter, the broken moments, the rising, the joy, the healing processes, the ‘SCREAMING’ (from within, where no one can hear you), my relationships, my family & friends (names changed of course to protect those around me), my moments of utter despair, my lowest points, the new experiences, the traveling, my crazy mind (what we tell ourselves, the untruths that we chose to believe that create havoc in our lives) and how I moved past some of the darkest moments of my existence. There will be present moments and moments of re-visiting the past, wherever I am guided to go… I will go.

I will write and share my experiences with an open-heart and allow myself to participate in an honesty like never before (those moments; where you don’t want to admit to yourself, or to see the truth that is so SLAP BANG in your face…. that you could stumble over it) .

But… as I journey through I will always be like that PHOENIX, rising from the ashes of my past, spreading my wings and taking flight over and over again, taking every lesson and learning experiences to reach a higher level of ‘ME’, a direction towards self-care, self-love and nurturing that little child within.