Day 6 – Junee To Melbourne

My last day of traveling from Queensland…. And what a journey it has been; of discovery, trying new things, meeting new people, catching up with old friends, learning more about Australia’s history and enjoying the solitude of just being with me.

Today I stopped at Albury for brunch at a little café, near the train station, wonderful food, everything organic, fantastic service. I would recommend this to anyone passing on through.

I didn’t have too many stops today as:

  1. The weather was crappy… rain, hail and shine. Wouldn’t be able to enjoy the scenery or the exploring
  2. I was over it all – especially the car, continuously slipping out of gear, extremely frustrating. I couldn’t stand driving it anymore.
  3. Tired, so tired…. Rest, sleep is what I need

Stopping every 1/2hour to pee was getting a little crazy; apparently it’s all part of the change of weather, my body adapting. So much joy in that! There were metal seats – ooh not so friendly for the backside, icy cold. Then the plastic seats, they weren’t as bad – ooh and how can I forget the natural whatever they are called, where there’s basically a hole in the ground – the deep dark abyss of the unknown lurks beneath you as you go about your business. How can that be right?

One of my favorite memories was pulling over on the side of the road, trying to find a tree to pee behind, while it was pissing down with rain – hoping no one stops to check on me (which of course they did). Jumping from one foot to the other, hoping I didn’t pee my pants right there, wishing they would hurry up and leave. And the relief once they did……

Catching up with another primary school friend as I arrived in Melbourne was entertaining to say the least. All in good fun… discussing my love life with one particular male was humorous in all its form- the craziness of one’s mind and the lack of remorse, being screwed up as it comes or should I say screwed about, as he screwed plenty of women around in that short span of six months. Leaving a bitter taste in my mouth and him behind in so many ways. Sadness washes over me as I see him as nothing more than a lost child, not willing to heal his past, just sweep the hurt and unresolved issues under the rug, as many people do, as I did for many years.

Finally, I arrived in Hoppers Crossing at my Uncles place – a warm welcome as always. Love these two dearly. Car due back today, only they won’t get it until tomorrow as it’s getting late and I don’t chose to fight the crazy traffic in Melbourne.

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