Day 5 – Orange to Junee

What a cold night it was… down to 1 degree in Orange. Luckily the hotel I was staying in had heating, electric blankets – heaven. A late start today as I sleep in, that never seems to happen, but I certainly needed the extra few hours of sleep.

My first stop was for breakfast in a little town called Cargo, The Café – Timber Tales. A beautiful ambience as the fire burned, homey and very welcoming. A place I would recommend to anyone passing through this small town.

Cowra was big on all things Japanese – the Japanese POW camp, grave sites and of cause the Japanese Garden and Culture Centre, which I visited. A beautiful garden, fall of colour, waterfalls and plants native to Japan. I took my time as I strolled through the garden, sitting soaking up the sun, trying to find that little bit of warmth, as I was cold down to the bone. The Culture Centre displayed many a great things, paintings, Samurai swords, Japanese dolls and so much more. A time well spent.

Next I traveled to Cootamundra where I took the time to wander through their Heritage Centre – full of local history – wartime, aboriginal culture, trains and about their local hero – Bradman.

The day started out sunny and bright but quickly turned wet and a little dreary the further south I traveled. Lucky the heater in the car was working. The closer I near Melbourne the more nervous I am becoming. So many changes are taking place, still no regrets or tears for that matter. I just know that this move is right for me. Where will I live, how soon will I be able to get a car are just some of the questions that I’m asking the universe. Trying to keep my focus strictly on the now, on the moment, enjoying been in the present and the adventure before me. The rest will be here soon enough.

My next stop – Junee, where I headed straight to the Licorice & Chocolate Factory- Yum! Another place with a fantastic ambience, fire burning, food cooking and people enjoying their meals. I chose to make my own Rocky Road – now that was fun, I got to choose what I’d like in my rocky road, then comes the fun part where you get your hands dirty, mixing all of the ingredients together with the chocolate. They encourage you to lick your fingers and enjoy the flavor of the chocolate. Next I attended the licorice factory tour, sampling was allowed. And we played upright licorice bowling, now that was fun – I tied first with one of the other ladies. Next door was a museum of vintage cars which I explored also. Railway Square was next on my list – I just love the old historical buildings. Then it was time to locate my accommodation for the night.

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