Day 1….. Delayed

My day started at around 3am, where i hopped out of bed, showered, packed what was left, moved what needed to be moved and packed the car, 7:15am I’m ready to go. I say goodbye to my sister, dad and Jay, get behind the wheel of the car and start the ignition… only nothing happens…… nothing, the car won’t start, bugger, flat battery. Dad hooks the battery up to a charger, 1/2 hour later still nothing, 1 hour – just as dead. Phone Rent-a-bomb and speak to Con. He doesn’t understand, as the car was checked over a couple of days ago. RACQ was called, a 2hour wait… I’m starting to get a little antsy here.

In the meantime, my friend has arrived to move into the house I was staying in, surprised to see me still there. Getting anxious as i wait, wondering if I’m doing the right thing, doubt slowly starts to slip into the mind, but only for the very briefest of moments. I quickly push that aside. I want this, its been delayed for a reason, one that I may not be aware of.

Everyone around me is impressed at how I’m handling this, remaining calm (well on the outside, inside is screaming many profanities). In the end Dad puts a new battery in and I’m on my way to Currumbin to one of their stores to get the car checked over. Its 2.30pm by the time I leave their store, however I’m finally on my way to Byron Bay.

A great drive, with the wind blowing through my hair, music pumping from my speaker, and a smile finally on my face. I’m actually doing this…… I’m moving to Melbourne. It’s not exactly how I had pictured the beginning of my trip, I expected more of a…..carefree beginning, less stress.

Byron Bay, I have arrived -such beauty. I head straight to Fishermans Lookout, where I take a deep breathe of Byron’s fresh air, listen to the waves gently breaking and watch as the suns rays push through the clouds, I walk to the top of the lookout and observe mother natures astounding blessings. A moment of clarity before getting behind the wheel once again.

Ballina…. I’ve made it to Ballina, I have found a motel for the night ‘Fun n Sun Motel’, where I ordered a pizza (with a gluten free base of course). Exhaustion has seeped into my bones.. 6pm and I’m falling asleep sitting up. The day has finally caught up to me. Early night….. What adventures await me in the morning.

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