My Walk….

Well… I have started walking…..again. A friend of mine stayed for a couple of days and she’s been walking everyday for a few months. So we got up nice and early to walk to the ridge that we can see from the back of my home. Well the first two days with her seemed rather easy… a slower pace was happening. Which was great! We meet plenty of dogs along the way, most were friendly – you know their bark worse than their bite type of scenarios. Except for this one mother freakin pit-bull, who was foaming at the mouth and chewing on the fence trying to get at us. That freaked us out…. Anyway on day two we made it to the ridge – 7.2km, 11,000 steps and 1hour and 50mins later we were home. We had completed our goal – extremely proud of ourselves.

Well it has been a week since she left and this is the first day i pushed myself out of the bed…. the sun was rising, the clouds dark and all was still in the world. Well guess what? That bloody pit-bull (named Diesel of all things) was sitting there waiting for me to walk past. My nerves racing, heartbeat escalating, and i kept my head down and moved as fast as i could past that little sucker. He stopped barking, growling and calmed right down before i even got to the end of that property. I was able to breathe once again. All of the other dogs were no where to be seen.

Then there is that hill, which seems more like a mountain us you approach and start walking up the steep climb…. stopping 2,3 or maybe even 4 times as i struggle for breath, how did i not stop the first time with my friend (must have been the steadier pace we had going), anyway i made it to the top. Taking that deep breathe and looking out across the vastness of mountains in the distance, the beauty of the land where i live, is breath-taking, especially as the sun rises. The colours – orange, blue, the brightness of that first light is absolutely amazing.

As i continued.. (my goal is to knock at least 1/2hour of my time) kangaroos, wallabies and birds are everywhere this morning. The kangaroos stop to look and stare as i walk past, probably wondering what the hell I’m doing – as I am speaking to them all as i go by wishing them a great day, the wallabies not so inquisitive as they quickly jump away. The birds are happily chirping away singing there own tunes and i like to think that they are singing a song just for me. Why not!

I finally make it to the half way make 3.6km at 45mins, and as i look out to the beauty of mother nature, I am grateful. It is stunning, the freshness in the air and the rain begins to gently fall, bringing a new life to everything around, absolutely amazing. It gets me thinking about my own life as i watch the birds enjoying that first rain after so long. Me stepping out of the burdens, the hurt and the releasing that i have been doing for months, i was able to finally see something more for myself, the hope, the new journey, and the beginnings i am yet to experience. Through that moment of clarification i started my journey home. It seems that every other dog in this street has woken up. A couple of Labradors let me know they were there, then the house where the exercise coach lives with 4 large but seemly gently dogs were very much awake and fortunately for me their focus was on the lady walking her little dog. And during all of this the not so large hills seemed larger than i remember walking down them, i got to feel those muscles working hard and the lungs breathing deeply and as i approached Diesel, it seemed my prayers were answered, he was no where to be seen.

The rain getting heavier as i get closer to home. It was so refreshing and invigorating as i allowed my arms to stretch out and raise my head to meet every drop as it landed upon my face, trusting it to wash away any lasting pain that was buried deep within my heart and soul. Believing for experiences and a new day of love, joy and happiness.

Well i made it home and beat my original time by 1/2hour… Heehaw. I completed a 7.3km walk, 10,500 steps in 1hour and 30mins. I am extremely proud of myself accomplishing this goal, as it meant more; than just the walking. I saw it as a new beginning for myself, hope in a new future with opportunities coming my way in abundance. Showing gratitude to mother earth and for all that i have and yet to have. Lets see if i can do this all again tomorrow or whether i do some body grooving. This would have to be the first day in what seems like a lifetime that I feel i can and i am ready to breath again with ease.

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