What Once Was

Lost in my grief, my soul searching for that connection…..with him.  
Lost…. in the abyss of broken hearts.
Broken, wrenched and burning to the core, the fire ignites.
Burning what once was… away.

Watching, feeling his heart…… broken,                                                                     
No one can help, as he hardens his heart.
Clenching fists as the blood begins to slow……                                                
Holding each breath, as hope begins to go

The twisting of the valves to the heart, stopping the flow.                               
The body shuts down to feel …….no pain.                                                             
Life rains down around you,  the waters clear.                                           
Washing what once was……away

Beyond my reach now, the soul cries out,
For the man he once knew, had vision and passion for her heart.                
Trust gone, no room to love another…….    
Holding each breathe, as hope begins to go.

I yearn to feel his touch once more, his voice soothing my soul.                    
His smile bringing joy and meaning, to the craziness of this world.            
The land calling my name, sharing, grounding and transforming.     
Clearing what once was…….away.

My wounds kept us bound……of a journey that was to be,                                  
Allowing life to fade….taking the dreams that were meant to be.                
Separate paths is what it seems, once again our timing was not to be.       
Holding each breathe, as hope begins to …….be.

Breathing deeply….. to allow life to flow,                                                                 
Accepting the healing, as life begins to slow,                                                           
Allowing the breeze to blow and the earth to ground                                           
Reviving what once was……Me.

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