Family….. or not

My daughter and grandson have moved away to a place far, far, far away – oh the bliss of that reality. Don’t get me wrong I love all of my children and my gorgeous grandson, but living with them for the past 6 months has been utter hell (probably a slight exaggeration)…. the screaming, the whinging, a 5 year old that knows absolutely everything, the drama of nothing to worry about (when someone sees everything as a problem. The only problems are the ones created in their mind), its one of those moments where your mind takes over and only thinks the worst possible scenarios in life and my daughter had them all, so it seems. The negativity was eating me alive.

Even though its been a relaxing and quiet couple of days… I will miss them dearly. My grandson coming into me in the morning giving me a hug (well occasionally) and those times together, those memories.

There were plenty of moments, especially in the mind where it was having one of those screaming, let me out, shut the FK up’s!! How can I escape this craziness of family, they are family…. you need to be there for them, so society tells you.

There was a time where I was there for my children every minute of every day… the joys of being a single parent. You became Mum, Dad and everything else in between, they were my life. I didn’t have much of one where I was without them. So NOW… it is time for me. Let their fathers be there for them (I still will be of course… just not like I used to be).

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