My Ride With Harley

I am in a casual relationship with Harley….. What is a casual relationship you might say and how the hell do I do casual? ….when my mind is constantly thinking about his…. oh yeah his family jewels, constantly… wanting to wrap my legs around that man every minute of the day. You might be thinking….. she’s a sex addict or just doesn’t have a life. I have considered the latter. However I have come up with a number of crazy mind moments, that in some way have a piece of truth in each scenario:

  1. he’s just to God damn yummy to pass by
  2. I was deprived of great orgasmic sex throughout my adult life and want to play out all of those scenarios… right now.. before I’m way to old to enjoy the pleasures
  3. here’s a negative for you all – i want to get in as much sex with him before he realizes that I’m not good enough to keep around
  4. fear of not having that someone to love me… let’s use sex to keep him interested
  5. I just want to enjoy sex for the first time in my life and experience new things, explore my sexuality (something I have never done, even in the most simplistic of moments)
  6. I want and I want it for me… to enjoy the pleasures that so many others have, he makes me feel safe, comfortable and able to explore those hidden desires but with an all unknowing as to where this casual relationship will go – exploring and opening myself up to be able to explore those deeper moments with someone… WILL be one Hell of a Ride with Harley.

So for now our casual relationship works for us – He allows me to be me, without the judgement, criticism or running me down, no pressure for either of us, we have our own space to be true to ourselves and to experience a deeper level of healing in our own ways.

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