A Day Full of Surprises

Today, like most other days i woke… feeling that weight of nothingness (the same old negative thoughts rushing forward to take over my day) …. when I remembered “oh shit”, that van is available for viewing today, better message Harley to see if he’s available to come with me. To my surprise he called… (that just never happens)… I still have that silly goofy grin on my face, I was so excited about actually having a conversation with him over messenger …..oh.oh.oh and…… we had the camera on -ahhh….. technology…. And the photos we took without even knowing we did it… that was the winner of the conversation (just…remembering that ride with Harley..oh yeah… hm-mm – I haven’t posted that blog yet).

Oops..haha… a little sidetracked there… anyway it encouraged me to crawl out of bed and go for a walk (it has nothing to do with the fact that Harley is walking 5km everyday.. not at all). And ..I took my daughters dog, anyone who knows me, knows I don’t do dog very well. We had a great walk… she pulled me along just fine; kangaroo chasing however, is just not my style, so the battle began between dog and myself. I was pulled and tugged in a different direction every few moments….as she proceeded toward chasing every kangaroo she saw… and I have to say this morning there were a lot. We eventually made it home, she’s still in one piece and on the lead…. My arm and shoulder are another story to be told. In slight pain; however I’m still able to type.. so all is well. Not sure who won that battle?

My day is proceeding splendidly… induction booked for volunteering, a friend called to say ‘Hi’, dogs asleep, children out, music blaring, fruit cut and blended.. I tend to forget to eat… I get so busy with what I’m doing that eating just doesn’t seem that important.

Lets fast forward a few hours…….. I’m on cloud nine for most of the day…..it’s a bit of a blur truth be told. Disappointment sunk in when Harley said he was unable to view this van with me… but all good. I picked up that bottom lip and pushed through, and to my surprise he phoned while I was still there; making sure I checked particular things… he’s sooooo….. sweet(I probably shouldn’t tell him that though). The van belongs to a young couple from Belgium about to end their 12 month journey around Australia, they seemed sad to go and as for the van; unfortunately it had oil in the radiator. So a no go there….I will keep on looking.

My day ended with two 1hour phone calls. I can’t say that happens very often. Phone call no. 1 – there is excitement rushing through my body, (one area in particular) and I still have that goofy look on my face… just as well he can’t couldn’t see it. Harley is definitely full of surprises today, a conversation full of many different things (I would share, only its not mine to share), ending in desire and anticipation for Friday Night. Bring on Friday.

Phone call no. 2 – All the way from the UK – One of my soul sisters, in distress – she’s been working hard on releasing what no longer serves her. I am extremely proud of the work she has accomplished in the last 24hours. She is one amazing women, with the strength and determination not to let the situations of past or present events dictate her life in the now. She is on the path of empowering the Warrior Goddess within.

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